The Educated Sluts List

Currently compiling a list of post-graduate degreed sex bloggers (and kinksters who wish to be on the list). I think it would be fun to acknowledge those of us who have post-graduate degrees. I’m sure many of us are well educated, and by our presence we can show that being a slut does not mean one is ignorant or dumb! (No, you don’t need a post-grad degree to be smart, I do want to make that point. I know smart people who have only high school diplomas.) I suspect that there are a great many educated perverts. I know quite a few. So please nominate yourself or another blogger. Please leave a comment on the original post or send an email to me. Include highest degree held, URL of blog and name you’d like to be known by.


MA in English Literature


Master’s in French with specialization in French Caribbean Literature

Bad Bad Girl

Master’s in Health Care Administration


Master’s in Counseling


Master’s in Space Systems

Brooklyn Observer

Master’s in Urban Planning

Charlie Glickman

PhD in Adult Sexuality Education

Chislut – Another Sex Blog

Master’s in Library and Information Science

Cinekinkster – Cinekink

Master of Fine Arts – Film and Video


Master’s in Manpower Studies


M.Ed. in Educational Leadership (working on Doctorate in Education)

Daniel A.

Master’s in Technical Communication

Dirty Old Man

MSc, in 5th year of EdD


Master of Education – Secondary English Education

His Bound Submissive

Master’s in International Affairs (2 of them!) and Information Systems

Kinky Kitty – The Lustful Literate

M.A. in Teaching

Lorelei -Mistress Manual

Master’s in English/Creative Writing

M – Pinocchio’s Nose

Master’s in Information Technology

Malia Williams – works for Extreme Restraints

Master’s in Divinity




MA in Film Studies


Attended medical school

Mick & Molly – Under Contract to My Wife

Him: J.D. / Her: MA in Psychology


PhD in Chemistry

Miss Isabel

working on Juris Doctorate

Missy Starrk

Master’s in Education (with add’l certification in special ed and reading)

Nadia West – Diary of a Kinky Librarian

Master’s in Library and Information Science

Nuclear Rainbow

Master’s in Behavioral Science

OneLuckyMan – Naughty Little Sex Secrets

MFA in Theatre, working on PhD inTheatre

Oversexed Librarian

Master’s in Library and Information Science

Poppet Sub Slut

PhD in Modern History & Masters in Modern International Studies

Red – Red Sneaker Diaries

PhD in Chemistry

Roxy – Uncommon Curiosity

Master’s in Pure Mathematics

Shanna Katz

Master’s of Human Sexuality Education (PhD in Gender Studies to follow)


MA in History

Single Sex @ Sixty

MA in Anthropology & PhD work

A Secret Freak – The Kinkster Review


Stacy Kat

Master’s in Sociology (working on Master’s in Social Work)

Sylvanus – At Longing’s End

Master’s in Engineering


DDS and Post Grad Residency in Hospital Practice (and MBA partly done previously)


Master’s in Education and Library


Grad Students

Domina Doll

Master’s in Feminist Film Studies and Sexology

Kink in Exile

MA in Human Computer Interaction