Sluts, Squirts and Swing Clubs

We took advantage of my being on vacation and went out to the swing club last night. MasterDoc’s back is still bothering him but it’s gotten a little better. I drove into the city to give him a little rest on our way out.

Early in the evening, there weren’t many people there. But MasterDoc set us up in the little corner room in the back. Men would come in and out, hoping that we were up to something. We moved slowly, stopping to make out. I joked that we must be really boring to watch at that point.

He had me put my collar on and he took some time to stroke my face and tug on my hair, things that put me very quickly into sub mode. He slapped my face a few times and I wondered if someone was in the room to see, and if so what they thought about that.

I sucked his cock, and as usual I threw myself into it. I’m not one to leisurely tease when giving oral, I’m more likely to go right for the stimulation that will feel intense. He slid his fingers into my hair and I hoped he would force me down on his cock. He did, and when I’m that turned on it’s much easier to ignore the gag reflex. Eventually I had to come up for air.

He decided to humiliate me and made me lick his ass in public. He loudly encouraged me to get his tongue into his asshole and I felt terribly humiliated and debased. Funny thing is, since I’m so inexperienced with rimming I was apparently going a bit too high.

He had me strip, and lay down on the bed with my cunt facing the door. I was allowed a toy and I rubbed the vibrating nea on my clit. At moments, I got lost in working myself up, but at other times I’d get self-conscious and distracted. The first time MasterDoc asked me if I was ready to come I had to admit that I wasn’t, but this immediately brought my attention back to the task at hand. As I rubbed that vibrator on my clit I would moan and buck my hips sometimes. MasterDoc made me say loudly that I wanted him to fuck me. If I don’t say it loud enough, or thoroughly enough, the first time he says, “What was that?” until I ask for it satisfactorily loud.

He fucked me from behind quite hard. With his back out, it had been a week since we had actual intercourse. (I’m not complaining though, he kept me pretty damn happy in the interim.) I got lost in the sex and forgot to feel self-conscious about my moaning and grunting. My face was turned towards the door and we most assuredly had some sort of audience. He made me come really hard, and kept it going with his fingers as I squirted. Oh it felt so amazing that I didn’t want it to stop. I lay down for quite a while after that, recovering.

We took a break for beverages. Fucking is thirsty work. I walked to the bar by myself to get us drinks, and roughly three men hit on me as I walked alone. Sometimes the men feel like vultures in the swing club. I think the difficult part too is that they are used to, in a “normal” relationship, getting the woman’s attention and approval so they can move in and get some. However, in my D/s relationship with MasterDoc I rarely encourage the men (particularly if I’m not interested in them) – it’s up to MasterDoc to approve and decide who fucks me. Sitting back down, I asked MasterDoc if he’d ever been to a swing club alone. He hasn’t, and this didn’t surprise me at all. He says he did go to one swing party alone once, but that’s the sum of it. I have to confess that sometimes I think of the single men at swing clubs as kinda pathetic. They wander around, sometimes without pants (which, gentlemen, is not very attractive. Neither was the old guy shuffling along in boxers, socks and nothing else.) Sure I see attractive men there sometimes, but I kinda wonder why they’re there alone as well.

There was one hot guy who I gave a blatant “come hither” look to but he wandered away. Dissed! I told this to MasterDoc after the guy wandered away. He teased me for flirting with someone of my own accord, but of course I wasn’t in trouble for this. (I would just be in trouble if I went and did something with this guy without permission.) The door to the room with the large bed was closed and we asked around until we found out that Veronica, the lady who is notorious for squirting for the single guys was in there with someone. How unusual that she should seek privacy! We camped outside the door for a bit, seeking to tease her and get her attention when she came out.

When the large bed was available, we lay down on it. MasterDoc undid his pants and shirt and stroked his cock. I played with his chest and then I started feeling myself through my clothes. “Are you playing with yourself young lady?” he asked. I said yes and was glad he noticed as my hands were getting tired of the extra pressure I had to exert through my pants. MasterDoc took a vibrator to my crotch. He had me take my pants off and he teased me with a vibrator. A young-ish African American guy came in to watch. MasterDoc offered him the flashlight to hold and he came over to the bed. He stroked his cock as he held the flashlight really close to my pussy. They talked about me, MasterDoc most assuredly knowing that the objectification was making me hot. When I came, I squirted on the flashlight since it was so close, but I didn’t know until later because my eyes were clenched closed while I came.

I begged for orgasm at MasterDoc’s request and then a few moments later I was begging him to stop because I needed a break from the incessant orgasms. He has a knack for pushing me until I’m breathless. We cuddled and hung out a bit, and in no time I was I was really horny again wanting to be his slut. He threatened to get one of the older guys I thought was unattractive to fuck me. I felt squeamish, but when I started to frame it in my head as me being his slut and fucking whoever he wants, I got into the idea more. I didn’t want to see who I was fucking however, my idea of hot anonymous sex would be to get fucked like a bitch in heat while blindfolded, and as I walked around after I would have no idea what men I walked by had fucked me. MasterDoc’s version of this fantasy, however, is for random guys of his choosing to fuck me, and then he points out who it was after. Yikes! He really does get into humiliating me. Sad thing is, I get into it too.

We didn’t end up doing more, even though I was ravenously horny, thinking up naughty fantasies I wished would come true. We watched a very drunk woman demonstrate what it’s like to be a trainwreck. And then wandered into the bdsm room and MasterDoc got Veronica to squirt into his hands. Her come overflowed his hands and made a huge puddle on the floor. This girl can squirt on command. I’m impressed. You know you go to the swing club often when the resident slut knows who you are well enough to joke around with you. She got a towel to clean up and the men around us were in awe. The guy I had given the eye to earlier was there, and I was sure to put tidbits about my own squirting into the conversation. Hah, see what hotness you missed out on buddy!

We were there a while, and it feels like we must have done more than this, but I suppose a lot of time was spent hanging out with my brain in a fog of sexual fantasy. I’m going to miss MasterDoc while I’m away. But hopefully I will experience more stories to print here when I get back.


Earlier in the day, I was complaining a bit too much and MasterDoc came back into the living room a few minutes later with my Njoy pure plug, lube and my collar. I was speechless. He had me get on hands and knees and he worked the plug into my ass, where it stayed for a while. He made me wiggle in my seat and asked me how it felt having the plug in there.

A little while later, he had me get the throe and magic wand and he used the wand to make me come very hard. He pressed the wand to the handle of the butt plug to make that vibrate. He teased my clit and I was desperate to come by the time he let me. He commented on how my complaining stopped after that. The man knows how to shut me up. And thankfully the methods are so much fun.